A new landmark in mydukur

HCC Hospital

A new land mark in Mydukur

Mydukur gets a new landmark in November 2021  in the form of HCC hospital. “HCC has all amenities with the best doctors in their respective fields” added Managing Director Dr. Chandrasekhar Bhumireddy on the opening day of HCC Hospital. Hospital has features like three advanced operation theaters, Digitalized X-ray, Lab and qualified therapists and technicians. “It’s very fortunate for the people of Mydukur and its premises to have a hospital like this with all facilities and very advanced technologies” MLA Raghuramireddy added on the opening day of HCC.


to book an appointment with doctors of HCC please click here: http://www.hcchospital.info/account/#/authentication

To know more about us: http://www.hcchospital.info/about-us/

Best hospital in mydukur

with all its advanced health care facilities, HCC hospital has already a good name for providing the best diagnostic services and has also a very good name for its best doctor’s team. HCC hospital has also introduced so many advanced health care techniques to Mydukur town for providing the best health care facilities by fulfilling their motto of “your health is our priority”.

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