Best children's clinic

We battle determinedly to ensure there’s no such thing as “out of choices” and to ensure kids who “didn’t get an opportunity” can have the young lives they merit. At HCC hospital, we’re joined by a clear mission: We give trust, care and fixes to assist each kid with living the best and most satisfying life. Compared to other children’s clinics, we’ll provide the best care to your children. Our team of doctors will always work to give a pure smile on your children’s faces.


Our hospital has been named as best children’s clinic in the Kadapa district with every facility required to treat a child of the age from newborn to adulthood. the facilities which we provide to bring smiles on each face of  your children are

1. Painless Vaccinations: 

The DPT immunization or DTP immunization is a class of mixed immunizations against three irresistible illnesses in people: diphtheria, pertussis (outshining hack), and tetanus. The antibody parts incorporate diphtheria and lockjaw pathogens and either killed entire cells of the bacterium that causes pertussis or pertussis antigens. The entire cells or antigens will be portrayed as by the same token “DTwP” or “DTaP”, where the lower-case “w” shows entire cell inactivated pertussis and the lower-case “a” means “acellular”.

These vaccinations will help to avoid the most common happening disease in children like polio and some severe diseases.

painless vaccinations image

Our accomplished specialist will constantly be accessible in our children’s clinic to guarantee an easy immunization and our group of medical care laborers will continuously be in contact with you to get a DTP immunization.

2. Phototherapy :

Phototherapy is treatment with an exceptional sort of light (not daylight). It’s occasionally used to treat infant jaundice by making it more straightforward for your child’s liver to separate and eliminate the bilirubin from your child’s blood. Phototherapy expects to uncover your child’s skin to however much light as could reasonably be expected.

Your child will be put under a light either in a bed or hatchery with their eyes covered. It will normally be halted for 30 minutes so you can take care of your child, change their nappy and give them a snuggle. In the event that your child’s jaundice gets worse, strengthened phototherapy might be advertised.


This includes expanding how much light is utilized or utilizing one more wellspring of light, like a light cover, simultaneously. Therapy can’t be halted for breaks during escalated phototherapy, so you can not breastfeed or hold your child. Be that as it may, you can give your child communicated milk. During phototherapy, your child’s temperature will be observed to ensure they’re not getting excessively hot, and they’ll be checked for indications of parchedness. Intravenous liquids might be required assuming your child is becoming dried out and can’t drink enough. The bilirubin levels will be tried each 4 to 6 hours after phototherapy has begun, check to assume the treatment is working. When your child’s bilirubin levels have settled or begun to fall, they will be really taken look at each 6 to 12 hours. Phototherapy will be halted when the bilirubin levels tumble to a protected level, which as a rule requires a little while. Phototherapy is by and large extremely compelling for infant jaundice and makes, not many side impacts.

Our children’s clinic has the best phototherapy machine with qualified staff to perform phototherapy.

3. Advanced NICU : 

The introduction of a child is a brilliant and exceptionally complex cycle. Numerous physical and close-to-home changes happen for both mother and child.

A child should make numerous actual acclimations to life outside the mother’s body. Leaving the uterus implies that a child can never again rely upon the mother’s blood supply and placenta for significant body capabilities.


Our Children’s clinic has the best NICU facilities to operate the children full-fledged. 

Before birth, the child relies upon the capabilities of the mother. These incorporate breathing, eating, end of waste, and safe security. At the point when a child leaves the belly, its body framework should change. For instance:

  • The lungs should inhale air.
  • The heart and pneumonic flow change.
  • The stomach-related framework should start to handle food and discharge squander.
  • The kidneys should start attempting to adjust liquids and synthetic compounds in the body and discharge squander.
  • The liver and invulnerable frameworks should start chipping away at their own.

Your child’s body frameworks should cooperate in another manner. At times, a child experiences difficulty making the progress outside the belly. Preterm birth, a troublesome birth, or birth imperfections can roll out these improvements really testing. In any case, a ton of unique consideration is accessible to help infants.