Best Places in Kadapa:


as everyone thinks Kadapa is not only famous for faction and politics but is also renowned for the best historical places like gandikota, siddhavatam fort, and a lot more Kadapa is also called as the “tholi gadapa” of tirumala due to the presence of lord Sri Venkateswara swami temple in kadapa.¬†Gandikota is a town and verifiable stronghold on the right bank of the Penna stream, 15 km from Jammalamadugu in Kadapa locale, Andhra Pradesh, India. The stronghold was the focal point of force for different administrations, like the Kalyani Chalukyas, Pemmasani Nayakas, and the Golconda Sultanate. Gandikota was the capital of Pemmasani Nayakas for more than 300 years.[1][2][3][4][5] Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu built the tremendous post at Gandikota with 101 pinnacles supplanting the past sand stronghold developed by Kaka Raja, Vassals of Kalyani Chalukya rulers. Different increases of Islamic design were made during resulting Muslim rule.